Our Mission and Vision

We know that when you're on the go, you want the world at your fingertips. In fact you've come to rely on your digital devices almost as an extension of yourself.

LifeShield Health Inc. was established to create the products you want - innovative accessories that simply improve convenience, reliability and safety so your technology can seamlessly be that extension of you.

Performance accessories for the critical tools in your life: touchscreens, monitors, smartphones and tablets, will benefit from LifeShield's antimicrobial product protection, impact resistance, water resistance and extra power, increasing safety, convenience and reliability. This is what drives our creativity and ingenuity.

That's why, from Canada to California to Asia our people are working to bring you better ideas that help make you great.

Now you can have it all - because we want what you want.

Productivity. Protection.


Michael Nitti,
LifeShield Health Inc.