LifeShield Health wins 2017 Biomedical Zone Healthbound Challenge!!

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We are proud to announce that LifeShield Health, a division of Spyder Digital Research Inc, is the winner of the 2017 Biomedical Zone Healthbound Challenge.

The Healthbound Challenge is an annual 9-month medtech competition organized by the Biomedical Zone. Major Toronto Hospitals identify several key healthcare challenges to be solved through technology. 160 Canadian companies submitted their solutions. 12 were selected for the months-long process of refining, validating and pitching until one company and product emerged as the most realistic and viable solution with the potential for the greatest positive impact in Healthcare.

The groundbreaking LifeShield screen film combines chemical resistance, impact resistance and embedded antimicrobial product protection in a transparent film, making it an ideal solution for protecting digital screens in the healthcare setting while also protecting patients and medical staff from deadly pathogens.

“This is both a tremendous honour and validation of a product that took conviction, perseverance and years of R&D to develop. We believe it will have a huge impact on improving hygiene systems and reducing the spread of infectious disease” says Michael Nitti, President of Spyder Digital Research Inc.

The Biomedical Zone, a partnership between Ryerson University and St Michael’s Hospital, is the world’s only physician-led incubator for biomedical and healthcare ventures immersed in a clinical setting.

LifeShield Health is a division of Spyder Digital Research Inc and is focused on developing products which reduce the spread of infectious disease and protect healthcare equipment.

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